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1187 Queen

Where, exactly?
1187 Queen St. East at Curzon
Who owns it?
How many units and residents?
34 units
Architectural and building history?
Long, narrow three-storey brown brick building has small red bands around the front and a row of balconies on all three floors on the left side

Front three-quarter view

JOE: This is one of the crazy houses.

[Ian groans]

IAN: I did not groan!

— What’s the problem?

— The problem is with the building. Talk about warehousing. It looks like a warehouse. It has a tall gable end, solid brick – you know, dumbed-down St. Lawrence Market. With balconies. Here’s a horrible thought: Balconies? At the crazy house?

— Well. It reminds me of pictures of the Wychwood Yards that the TTC was getting rid of.

— And there you go. That’s what makes it postmodern.

— This is totally not postmodern.

— Of course it is. It’s relying on your sort of cultural memory of warehouses to try to communicate something. Why on earth someone would want to communicate “warehouse” for social housing, I don’t know.

— This one’s got another sunken entrance. This one’s really prominently sunken, and I always think it will flood.

— It’s like, the only thing they did to add life to it was paint the railing blue. They tried to make the building more interesting with the horizontal bands of a different brick colour, but even that didn’t work.

Paved entrance sinks below ground level, with blue banister

Sunken entrance

JOE: And the balconies overlook the garbage of the old folks’ home.

IAN: The balconies look disturbing. And are they individual entrances?

— You’re talking about British-style terraces.

— Yeah.

— No.

— Each unit has its own balcony, you’re saying?

— I think so, but only on that side.

POSTED: 2006.02.13