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Leslieville, located in the South Riverdale district of Toronto, is a mixed-use neighbourhood with a history of environmental contamination and neglect. Nonetheless, a lot of people live there and like it, and the place is improving bit by bit. This site, principally written by Leslieville resident Joe Clark, is about the present and future of Leslieville.

What’s new

  1. OMB’s decision on the Smart Centres redevelopment application: They lost
  2. Architects’ houses in Leslieville: From sooty black to butter yellow, plus one colossus that’s trying to crush its neighbour
    Irregularly-shaped metal plate reads #50
  3. Proposed building at Connaught & Eastern: At least it’ll be better than what we’ve got now (several updates)
  4. Doing Jones
    Porch is painted in yellow and green

Housing the Proles of Leslieville, or
Joe & Ian Do South Riverdale

Architectural critiques of South Riverdale social-housing developments. Formerly updated about once a week, now completed save for a final catch-up post

Your hosts

Ian Beanlands and Joe Clark standing beside a mural’s illustration of Alexander Muir

Ian Beanlands (architecture critic, left) and Joe Clark